The Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis is 350 kilometers from 6th of October City, just outside of Cairo, and has a lot to offer for people who like adventurous and unique locations.

Egypt’s famous and stunning White Desert is only an hour away and is included as part of our Desert Safaris.

Bahariya Oasis is famed for its dates, olives and lush palm groves and is surrounded by hot and cold springs and black hills giving it the local nickname of “Black Desert”.

Bahariya Oasis is known for its sunny dry weather through winter and summer. Its natural Roman springs (cold and hot) flow sulphurous water and are known for their therapeutic qualities for conditions such as psoriasis and rheumatism.

There are several temples that are mostly now in ruins such as the Temple of Alexander and the Temple of Ain al-Muftela

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