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Welcome to our Desert Rose Eco Lodge in Bahariaya Oasis. Our lodge was launched in 2008 and we have been welcoming guests to this beautiful and unique part of Egypt ever since.

We are locally owned and operated and are proud to offer our guests an authentic and sustainable experience. The lodge is designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, and we have taken great care to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal.

We are committed to providing our guests with an unforgettable experience and believe that by promoting responsible tourism and supporting the local community, we can create a better future for everyone.

One of the highlights of staying with us is our local safari experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced guides will take you on a journey through the stunning White Desert and Bawati dunes, where you can marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty of the region.

The limestone formation rocks in the White Desert, Egypt

Our cuisine is another important part of our Eco Lodge experience. Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients sourced locally and some are grown on the lodge’s grounds. Meals showcase the flavours of the region and whether you’re enjoying a traditional Egyptian dish or trying something new, we are confident that our cuisine will be a highlight of your stay.

The Desert Rose Eco Lodge

The Desert Rose Eco Lodge is set in a serene, beautiful Bahariya surrounded by desert and hot springs. Built to capture the spirit of the old oasis using local palm tree branches and natural clay, the lodge is a true replica of the way they used to build.

The Lodge is a product of creative thinking which merges Egyptian heritage with global eco-friendly concerns and we are proud to list below the great efforts we have put into this:

  • The entire construction of the Lodge has been carried out by local craftsmen.
  • Bed linen and all materials are made of 100% cotton, grown in Egypt.
  • All services used are locally owned and operated; therefore your money remains 100% in Egypt.
  • Our drivers take care not to destroy vulnerable terrain.


We can arrange fantastic Desert Safaris, camping in the desert and tailor-made local excursions within Bahariya and to the other Oases; Siwa, Farafra, Dakhla and El Kharga.

We can arrange safaris to the White Desert, Black Mountain and the Crystal Mountain which are must see attractions. There are also local attractions such as the mini-museum, local market and tombs.

Another exciting activity we can arrange for you is sand surfing on the dunes.

We also work closely with a partner travel company that covers all aspects of tourism in Egypt, including Nile Cruises, Red Sea holidays in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, Cairo and more. We can tailor a package for a truly memorable experience in Egypt.


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