Local Info

Passports and Visas

It is each traveler’s responsibility to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure and a visa if required.

Visas can be obtained upon arrival at the airport in Cairo, and costs approximately $20 to be paid in cash.

Climate / Clothing

Egypt is a very warm country.  At certain times of the year, your itinerary may be amended to travel early in the morning and late afternoon to avoid the heat. Spring: 70°F – 90°F; Summer: 80°F – 130°F; Autumn: 70°F – 90°F; Winter: 60°F – 85°F. Bring comfortable shoes, a sweater, clothes you can layer and an all-weather coat. Sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses are also recommended. Some religious sites do not allow shorts or sleeveless shirts.


The Egyptian pound is the currency of Egypt.

Please note, it can be difficult to cash travelers checks while traveling in Egypt, they are not recommended. The American Express Card is not accepted in most locations in Egypt. It is best to travel with cash, Mastercard and Visa. Ensure that you have sufficient cash on hand, as ATMs will not always be readily available.


Egyptian Arabic is the local language. English is generally spoken as well in tourist areas.


The voltage used is 220 volts. Please note that there is no electricity in the desert on the excursions.

Code of Conduct

Egypt is an Islamic country. Visitors should observe normal courtesies. Shaking hands is a standard form of greeting. Women should dress modestly, especially in non-tourist and rural areas, where traditional mores are more strictly followed. Beachwear should be confined to the beach and poolside. Public display of affection is sometimes regarded as discourteous. Smoking is very common.

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